Girlguiding Ulster is a branch of Girlguiding and is autonomous with full decision making and financial powers. The Senior Volunteer of Girlguiding Ulster is the Ulster Chief Commissioner, Carole Graham and she is a trustee of Girlguiding Ulster. We are an unincorporated Association which adheres to the Royal Charter and bye-laws of Girlguiding and have 12,000 members across Northern Ireland.

Girlguiding Ulster is made up of 10 Guiding Counties -

  • Armagh
  • Belfast
  • North Antrim
  • South Antrim
  • North Down
  • South Down
  • Fermanagh
  • Londonderry City
  • Londonderry County
  • Tyrone

Ulster Executive

The Chief Commissioner is the Chairman of the Ulster Executive Committee. Each County has a County Commissioner who is also a Trustee of Girlguiding Ulster and sits on the Executive Committee. Other members include the International Adviser, Training Co-Ordinator, PR Advisor, Outdoor Activities Adviser, two under 25 young member representatives and the Chairman of the Trefoil Guild. The Executive Committee is responsible for setting the plans and policy for the future of Guiding in Northern Ireland.

Girlguiding Ulster is a registered charity with Inland Revenue, XN45915